Titled: Awaken


Wildflowers by Campsite


This is my depiction of the absolute explosion that our native wildflowers bloom with. Inspired by the rain of late and how things are coming to life after being stagnate so long in the dry earth. The colours our native flora comes in is like a magic sweep over a once barren landscape. Country is illuminated - showing us all out of times that look almost desolate, opportunity to bloom is just around the corner. The start of new beginnings.


Allan McKenzie is a proud Gamilaroi/Wiradjuri man who possesses a powerful combination of strong cultural knowledge, respect and experience. Allan, possesses through life skills acquired in many Nations from Custodians and Elders a high level of cultural knowledge based on traditional methods and applies them in today’s society to ensure that Aboriginal culture continues to be alive and practiced. From a young age Allan has been slowly gathering knowledge and skills and applying them to his craft. Over that time, sales of his work have proudly reached all parts of the world.  


Allan is known for his vibrant and contemporary colour palette that pulsates his then use of traditional symbols and representation. A modern time, story-teller, educator through optic engagement and protector of culture, Allan has taken the social media world by storm both in Australia and Internationally. Allan captivates his audience with his vibrant aesthetics and then moves them in a narration across, land, water and language, into a pool of cultural immersion. 


Allan McKenzie is the new age of contemporary Aboriginal Art in Australia.